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Carta en Apoyo a Venezuela, desde Canadá

June 2, 2007

Times Colonist
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
This is in reply to a Reuters report published on your paper on Monday, May 28, 2007 “Venezuelans rally against forced shutdown of private TV station”.
The decision not to renew a broadcasting license to a private TV station is a sovereign, legitimate and constitution right of the Venezuelan state. The air waves used by Venezuelan RCTV and other private media concerns are publicly owned, just like in Canada, and the state can withdraw its use at any time, if the licensee doesn’t fulfill the terms of the agreement.

RCTV is a media monopoly and a partisan political entity at the service of the traditional Venezuelan ruling elite and the US government.
For 53 years the Venezuelan state wasn’t able [or willing] to put an end to RCTV’s open disregard for the law, gross media manipulation, arbitrary firing of its workers, incitement to violence and lack of accountability for their actions.

Contrary to what is stated in the Reuters’ article, President’s Chavez is a highly popular leader, not only with the Venezuelan electorate, but with people all over the world.
President Chavez has been victorious in 9 different elections: parliamentary, Municipal, State, Presidential even a Recall Referendum: this is an enviable record of political support unsurpassed in the Americas, Canada included.

RCTV not only incited and actively supported the 2002 military coup that outlawed all democratic institutions in Venezuela, but it has also called for the sabotaging of the economy, spreading lies, propaganda and calling for the assassination of President Chavez.

RCTV, the Venezuelan former ruling elite and the US government must accept the democratic and sovereign decision of the Venezuelan people to decide who uses the public airwaves and stop their destabilizing plans in that country.

Yours truly,

Carlos Flores
3835 Saanich Road
Victoria, BC
250/ 598-7690 [h]
250/ 361-0435 [w]

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